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Whilst I guess you can never be certain someone is a scammer, I am 99% certain that this guy is. At this point they would then ask me for money so they can travel here and see me, the love of their life.

I know that most of the scams here are aimed at straight men, but I wanted to share this in case others out there encounter this person. They waited until I told them which country I live in before they said they were coming here.


He asked me to email him on the address in the title of this thread, and I was intrigued so I emailed him saying hi. Help me please with advices:)I written to you, because I want to know about your country, want to know about your culture and traditions... RESEARCH YOUR SCAMMER, FIND OUT WHO IS BEHIND THE EMAIL Hello my friend XXXX:) How are you? If you willing to continue and see how things go it's up to you.After a few emails back and forth, I started thinking that he was getting a bit intense with me very quickly when I hardly know him. I study in University, and my future profession is manager. What is interesting here the computer IP shows city Yoshkar-Ola of Mari El Republic, Russia ( the biggest nest of the Russian mafia ) as is in distance of 103 kms from Volzhsk, Mari El Republic, Russia - this smells bad IP=.138Country: That's very interesting.


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