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We're taking an exit off the interstate when he tells me to take the wheel.

I kinda start to reach over but then he rips the whole assembly off of the steering column and hands it to me.

I climb in the passenger side and he starts explaining how he just influenced me to go to the car with him, even though he hasn't yet asked me to directly.

He won't drive to the restaurant until I've admitted that he's freaked my mind. He tells me we're going to a pretty crazy place with kind of a nontraditional atmosphere, and that I might get a little freaked out.


I'm more or less uninjured but I think Criss has a really severe concussion from the way the EMTs are swarming around him and gesturing worriedly.

Another trick is just him pouring water onto the complimentary bread.

He says there's more to it than meets the eye, but it doesn't really seem like there is.

He tries to sneak playing cards into their pockets to set them up for a future trick at the hospital, but they notice right away and give him back the cards.

When we get there I realize that he has been talking about Outback Steakhouse. He starts pouring the water but the glass never gets filled, it's all coming out the bottom.We are seated at the table, and all of a sudden he won't stop asking the waiter for pitchers of water to do magic tricks with. He pours the entire pitcher, just straight up onto the table and the floor.


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