Is benzino and karlie still dating


She seems to regret ever telling him her manager believed Benzino wasn’t hot enough to help her image. “You are the pieces to my puzzle,” says Karlie in her baby voice.What happens next is probably the most sickening and scripted thing to ever happen on reality TV.This week’s episode of Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta was a big ball of delicious trash, with little doses of positivity slipped in to assuage viewers’ guilt. This feels like one of the most genuine apologies Stevie has ever given…until he tells Mimi he wants Joseline to come to therapy with them in order to sort out his lies, vanquish his demons and all of that good stuff. The shade, the glorious shade, Joseline tosses Karlie’s way in this scene almost makes me like her. Stevie wants to get on the right track, and thanks, Dr. He understands why she no longer trusts him, and doesn’t want to be a liar anymore. Eventually she tells Stevie she’ll think about it, but what she’s really doing is scheming. Karlie and Joseline meet up at a restaurant in College Park to squash their mini-beef because Karlie still wants to make a record with Joseline.


Rasheeda tells Scrappy that Erica was in tears after their breakup, and he can’t keep popping in and out of Erica’s life. After the commercial, we catch Karlie at a photo shoot for a feature in Hip Hop Weekly that Benzino arranged.

He wants to make sure her manager understands that he is actually good for her career.


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