Is benzino and karlie really dating


As if calling for back-up, all of the girls then charge toward New York; security tries (and sort of fails) to hold them back. ” Dan asks Melissa in the most misogynistic, condescending tone. Table flipping, incoherent screaming, and the phrase “prostitution whore”—what more could you want in a reality TV fight? Had security not stepped in, this would’ve gotten crazy brutal. Amber and Flo found this out the painful way (i.e.: a busted ankle and falling on hard cement). Heidi claims she had nothing to do with it, but Lauren smells bulls—t.


That’s what it looks like, but regardless, this is some effed up tomfoolery. Banks’ fiery rant is now a monologue used by actors all over the world.If you haven’t seen this yet, here’s some backstory: After getting eliminated from the show, Pumpkin tries to tell Flavor Flav that New York is a fame-hungry “actress” with no interest in loving him. says on camera: “I will smash [Adam’s] head and eat it.” ACTUAL MONSTER. New York certainly knows how to get these chicks riled up. A fight breaks out between Joseline and Erica, prompting the dudes to File this one under Bizarre Psycho A—holes.


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