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Quite evidently, this diaspora can also help to develop Iran itself economically, socially and, in time, politically.It can equally assist in developing options for intelligent and constructive strategic response to Tehran’s belligerence.Just as ‘veiled’ as the Iranian population inside Iran are the three million-plus Iranians – the Iranian diaspora – living outside of Iran proper.Scattered across the globe, the vibrant Iranian diaspora can doubtless help to demystify both Iran and Iranians.Indeed, the recent upheaval in the country over the presidential elections is a clear example of the social dynamism that is alive and well in Iran.To be sure, the Iranian story has not yet been fully narrated.Our task in this piece is to explore this exotic diaspora in its various dimensions and possible missions.Further contributing to this ‘Persian enigma’ is the Iranian government’s isolationist posture since the 1979 Revolution – a posture that has circumscribed any meaningful cultural exchange or open contact with the outside world.


There has been heightened fascination with Iran since at least 1979.The recent contested presidential elections and the escalating bras de fer over the country’s nuclear programme have only fed this interest.


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