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Many people who turn to therapists for recovery have a stereotyped imagination of what they can expect from the experience.

Many have the image of a Freudian like character sitting in a leather chair, saying nothing and occasionally coming out with some masterpiece of intellect that brings realisation.

This disputing of the client’s “window of reference” is sometimes hard for the client to take but is an essential part of a CBT therapist’s approach.CBT therapists challenge clients in what is known as ‘multimodal disputing’.This means that it can take place across four spectrums.The aim of cognitive disputing, through interaction between client and therapist, is to lead the client into an atmosphere of self disputing and in essence to eventually become their own therapist. Therapists can challenge this thinking, making it more flexible meaning having strong desires but being prepared for setbacks. Extremism versus non-extremism: In other words, awfulizing.


This means associating failures and setbacks with a generalized view that this setback proves the irrational thoughts around worthlessness and hopelessness correct.Non-extremism accepts that these failures makes things more difficult but they are not life-threatening. Logical Reasoning: This form of disputing is aimed at showing the client that feelings are not facts, e:g I feel terrible so I must be terrible.


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