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Rabshakeh now draws nearer to the wall, and harangues the people.


And now, in the most critical time, they felt their energies exhausted, their strength insufficient for their defense, and they needed the interposition of God. rebuke—that is, the Lord's rebuke for His people's sins (Ps 149:7; Ho 5:9).blasphemy—blasphemous railing of children, &c.—a proverbial expression for, We are in the most extreme danger and have no power to avert it (compare Ho ). The messengers to the prophet: thus saith Hezekiah; this is the message he has sent us with; this is what he would have us lay before thee, and has given us in charge to say unto thee: this day is a day of trouble, and of rebuke, and of blasphemy; it was a "day of trouble" to Hezekiah and his people, because it was a "day of rebuke", in which God rebuked them for their sins; or of "reproach and reviling", as the Targum and Septuagint, in which the Assyrians reviled and reproached both God and them; and especially because it was a "day of blasphemy" against God: for the children are come to the birth, and there is not strength to bring forth; which is to be understood not of the reformation within themselves, happily begun and carried on, but now hindered from being brought to perfection, by the Assyrian army being so near them; nor of their attempt to cast off the Assyrian yoke, which was thought to be just upon finishing, but now despaired of, unless divine assistance be given; nor of their inability to punish the blasphemy that so much affected them; but of the deplorable condition they were now in. After Rabshakeh had refused the request of Hezekiah's representatives in this contemptuous manner, he turned in defiance of them to the people themselves. Thus saith the king, Let not Hizkiyahu practise deception upon you (יסה, K. and) this city will not be delivered into the hand of the king of Asshur.

(p) a "fregit, confregit----matrix, vel os matricis, quod partu frangi videtur vel a frangentibus partus doloribus sic dictum", Gusset. a land full of fine olive-trees and honey, and live and do not die, and hearken not to Hizkiyahu); that Hizkiyahu to not befool you (K. The chronicler also has this continuation of Rabshakeh's address in part (2 Chronicles -15), but he has fused into one the Assyrian self-praise uttered by Rabshakeh on his first and second mission.

Cheyne confesses to "suit the context," is required in all the other passages where (substantially) the same word occurs (Nehemiah , 26; Ezekiel ).

Kay "contempt." But the meaning "blasphemy," which Mr.


for he befools you), saying, Jehovah will deliver us! really delivered) every one his land out of the hand of the king of Asshur? The encouragement of the people, by referring to the help of Jehovah (2 Chronicles 32:6-8), is placed by him before this first account is given by Isaiah, and forms a conclusion to the preparations for the contest with Asshur as there described.

This was probably a common phrase, though we only meet with it here.


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