Interracial dating among teens


This causes many teenagers to feel pressure from their parents to date when they are not interested in or ready to do so. Early dating could be a sign of precocious development or a way to handle excessive social and sexual anxiety.

Mid-teens who actively date often feel more mature and grown up, and see dating as a way to assert their independence.

Parents of the "non-daters," could become quite anxious as they feel that there is something wrong with the teenager who does not date.

Parents sometimes think that the lack of dating is an indicator of their child's sexual orientation or emotional maturity.

Dating can function as a source of psychological support for teens who are feeling lonely, for teenagers who are in authority conflicts or are just feeling bored.

For many teenagers, the dating process represents a special time in their life.

According to research, 90 percent of all teenagers have a date while they are in high school.


For some, it is a means of establishing their status among their peers.

Dating provides the adolescents with physical proximity and often physical contact with members of the opposite sex.


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