International dating russian women safe cyber dating

Now tell about yourself, and about your perfect lady, so that those, who don’t meet your special demands don’t disturb you. We don’t know if it was for serious or not, but he wrote something like this: “I want to find a girl of my dreams.

Well, unfortunately, there is no such thing in the whole world.

And still our experience shows, that many of you are making similar mistakes in communication with Russian girls, and we’re happy to share this precious information with you.

Harry didn’t even read about her character, hobbies, her life, he only saw her photo and made a decision instead of her.

If you want to build good relationships with someone, you’ll need to know her well.


You need a person to understand you, a person to uphold your opinion on some essential topics. Is she energetic or calm, highly intelligent or average?

We are interested in you and your happiness (otherwise, we wouldn’t make a site like this), that is why, if you get into a situation like Harry’s one, try to get to know her closer, imagine your future relations and decide if it fits you or not. Before writing a letter, think of your demands very carefully. Is she aimed for creating a family or just a girl, looking for a romance?


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