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He also remarked on the generous hospitality of the Kwakiutl, on their ingenuity, healthy life style and "exceedingly pretty" girls in his 2 published in London in 1847; "Journey Round the World During the Years 18."mdasbe' (Humdaspe), meaning "place where there is otter." Almost untouched by white influence, this conservative village on Hope Island (right) was the principal home of the people known as the Nahwitti (the Yutlinuk, Tlatlasikwala and Nakomgilisala tribes) during the second half of the 19th century.Jacobsen reported that the Nahwitti were not keen to part with their ceremonial masks and required much persuasion. Boas illustrated four of the named houses in the village (above) in his first major scholarly book, published in 1895.In 1881, Canada established the Kwawkewlth Indian Agency at Fort Rupert, the same year that the first wave of ethnology collecting began with the arrival of J. Jacobsen, a Norwegian collector who was working for the director of the Royal Ethnology Museum in Berlin, Germany. Some of the most spectacular masks were engraved in wood to illustrate his 1884 travel narrative "Reise an der Nordwestküste Amerikas," which was published in Leipzig. When opened, the mask shows the opposite: a friendly ancestral spirit who gives away gifts with open arms to his guests." When the Jacobsen collection arrived in Berlin at the Museum of Ethnology to be catalogued, it inspired the young Franz Boas to depart on a collecting trip to Vancouver Island and take up his lifelong passion for the Kwakwmdasbe', 1881. This was the first use of colonial military force against an aboriginal community on Vancouver Island.Several Nahwitti were killed including Chief Nancy who had earlier been favourably described as "a grave, pensive, and handsome man" by the British governor of the Indian Territories, Sir George Simpson.The Kwakiutl(pronounced Kwa-gyu-thl) were also known as the "Fort Rupert Indians." A photo from about 1868 (left) is inscribed: "Capt Jack, Chief of the Rupert Indians and his wife." Both individuals are well dressed in western clothes, he in a Royal Navy suit and cap.More information about this distinguished looking couple is not available, although it is one of the earliest studio portraits of First Nations people on the Northwest Coast, taken in Victoria by Hannah Maynard. Government of BC (text added) Most of the Places of Origin for the Kwakiutl tribes including the Komkiutis are located on Vancouver Island (left) between Port Hardy and Robson Bight.


In about 1880, a group of Kwakiutl (left) posed for a photograph with three visiting officers (standing in uniform) from the Royal Navy gunship HMS .Many of the Kwakiutl are seen sitting on the ground, wrapped in HBC blankets, a primary object of trade.


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    From 1946 to 1982, the country underwent large-scale modernization.

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