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Return to top The collection comprises 2.3 feet of papers concerning George Catlin's creation and promotion of his famed "Indian Gallery" of paintings, drawings, and artifacts of North American Indians.Dating from 1821 through 1904, with one item dated 1946, the papers include letters, notebooks and journals, receipt books and loose receipts, printed materials, and other documentation.George Catlin was born in 1796 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.Although trained as a lawyer, Catlin quit his law practice and moved to Philadelphia in 1823 to begin a career as a portrait painter.The bulk of the collection focuses on Catlin's efforts to promote the sale of his gallery to the United States government through tours, including London and Paris, and petitions to various governments to purchase the Gallery.Among the rare printed catalogs and petitions in the collection are exhibition catalogs for the U.



Catlin spent the remainder of his life gathering support for the sale of the Indian Gallery to the U. The Smithsonian Institution's first Secretary Joseph Henry strongly supported congressional acquisition of Catlin's work and even provided Catlin with a small studio in the Castle building.

All of the appeals to the government for the purchase of the collection were, in the end, unsuccessful and Catlin died almost penniless in 1872.


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    Chapters Osterhaus W, `Im rechten Licht - Sehkomfort', in Buerogebaeude mit Zukunft (Cologne, Germany, TUEV-Verlag, 2005), March, pp. Storey J, Gjerde M, Charleson A, Pedersen M, `The report 6 the state of deconstruction in New Zealand', in Deconstruction and materials reuse-an international overview, edited by A Chini (Rotterdam, CIB and University of Florida, 2005), March, p. Taylor M, `Projected evolution: expanding self into the environs', in Review 05, edited by Andrew Wilson (Brisbane, Australia, Queensland University of Technology, 2005), pp. Wood P, `Watershed: of buildings and stories and elegant sheds', in Exquisite apart: 100 years of architecture in New Zealand, edited by Charles Walker (Auckland, New Zealand, Balasoglou Books/New Zealand Institute of Architects, 2005), pp. Articles Osterhaus W, `Discomfort glare assessment and prevention for daylight applications on office environments', Solar Energy, 79, 2, December (2005), pp. Taylor M, Preston J, `Interior bowers: dormant wilderness in nineteenth century boudoirs', IDEA Journal, 4 (2005), pp. Thomas G, `New Zealand Building Code and fire safety (In Japanese)', Journal of the Japan Association for Fire Science and Engineering, 55, 3 (2005), pp. Wood P, `A woman asks her psychiatrist, `My husband only seems to want to use the dining room table for sex. ' The psychiatrist responds, `I would stop eating in bed'', Tracey (Contemporary Drawing Research): Loughborough University School of Art and Design (2005), pp. 44-52.2Staff and Student Research 2005 Published Conference Papers Baird G, `Responses to Sustainable Design - user perceptions of eight academic and library buildings', Proceedings of SB05 - The World Sustainable Building Conference, edited by S Murakami & T Yashiro (Tokyo, SB05 Tokyo National Conference Board, 2005). Baird G, Stephenson I, Christie L, `Environmental Design and Performance of the Paraparaumu Public Library', Proceedings of the Annual IRHACE Technical Conference (Auckland, Institute of Refrigeration, Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers of New Zealand, 2005), pp. Charleson A, French M, `Improving seismic safety of adobe construction with used car-tyre strips: preliminary investigations', Proceedings of the conference of the NZ Society for Earthquake Engineering, 11-13 March 2005 (2005), Paper 32. Marriage G, `Louis Hay: a celebration of lost work', Celebration: SAHANZ 2005 - Proceedings of the 22nd annual conference of the Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and New Zealand (2005), pp. Marriage G, `No free Love: the dearth of media output from the Architectural Centre in the swinging sixties', `...about as austere as a Dior gown...' New Zealand Architecture, the 1960s: a one day symposium (2005), pp. Osterhaus W, Davies M, Raynham P, Curtis S, `A different toolbox for glare studies - can new techniques improve our understanding of glare?

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