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The source added that the details of the strike are still being finalised as they navy zeros in on exact targets around the Syrian city.

A group of ships including an aircraft carrier, a nuclear power guided missile cruiser and two destroyers is reportedly ready to strike from the Mediterranean Sea.



A polling location has been evacuated because of a suspicious package call, the Winter Park Police Department said. and the Winter Park Fire Department is arriving on the scene. The outcome of the 2016 presidential election will show that the American political system – as we have known it – will apparently cease to exist.

The location of the polling place is located at 760 N. Trump is nothing like those Republican pawns who, along with the puppets of the Democratic party, have spent the last 40 years erecting the facade of American democracy.



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    It's a system that is used to defeat the worst 'skinny genetics' the world and pack on a clean rock-hard granite-like muscle in just 12 weeks.

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    She said (and we covered this a while ago) that “ is the time at the beginning of filming, when everything was innocent.

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    The 1980s gave rise to a “satanic panic” which resulted in some of most bizarre prosecutions we’ve seen in this country since the Salem Witch Trials in the 1690s. Heidi Fleiss, the Hollywood Madam, made news in 1993.

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    She has also launched her own jewelry line on The Shopping Channel, called the Tracey Bregman Collection. In July 2011 she appeared on HSN as a Spokesmodel for the Jabot cosmetics line.

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