Huerta dating arianny


Huerta, coming off six straight wins and a classic fight, was asking for a better deal than Penn, the lightweight champion was getting, including pay-per-view points even though he had never appeared in a pay-per-view headline match. That seems like a greedy endeavour by Huerta, but is it justified? All of the information presented makes for some interesting theories, the most prominent being that Huerta is leaving the UFC to try to garner more money from another promotion.His leverage for that kind of a deal fell apart when Kenny Florian beat him by decision on Aug. After all, he did appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated and managed to be part of one of the best fights of 2007 in an epic war with Clay Guida. He'll definitely burn a significant bridge if he follows through with that possibility, and it seems rather ridiculous to think he would want to burn a relationship with a promotion that built his name up incredibly.He's already defeated a solid lightweight in Frankie Edgar, and two veteran fighters in Rich Clementi and Jim Miller.It could be that he's awaiting his contract to end before making any huge deals with movie studios, or he has over-estimated his popularity.


Strikeforce and Bellator are named, but Strikeforce is probably a much more likely suitor who has the money and resources to potentially gain from Huerta's popularity within the UFC.

Could Huerta simply be looking for a bigger payday instead of acting?


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