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She is a licensed professional counselor (LPC), chemical dependency counselor (LCDC), yoga and meditation teacher, and possible budding comedian.In this episode, we talk about: Nikki specializes in trauma, grief and loss, addiction, and has come to understand what wounds, drives, and heals Highly Sensitive People.I think it’s important for HSPs to be aware of this topic so they can identify and deal with harmful relationships.Nikki is an engaging guest and does a great job of explaining this topic in a digestible way.She treats patients who suffer from “chronic disconnection”—which is the result of years of focusing on individual success and neglecting relationships.In this episode, we talk about: Amy recommends that those looking to improve their relationships first take her free Relational Assessment.We cherish being alone, and then sometimes wonder if we can get along without worrying about having relationships.After all, relationships are time consuming, difficult, and can be painful.


You can get in touch with Amy on Twitter, Facebook, and check out her column on Psychology Today: Wired to Love Other books recommended by Dr.

Banks in this episode: I’ve welcomed Nikki Eisenhauer onto the show today to discuss what a narcissist is and why HSPs can be drawn to people with narcissistic personality disorder.



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