How to use facebook for dating


We at Mens are really active on Facebook , and To give back to the the 7000 (and growing community) of guys on our Facebook page who log on everyday to become good at being men, the Editorial team will be writing about using the social network for a lot of things - the most obvious of them being dating.

But before getting you started on actually using FB for dating, we'll tell you why you should use Facebook to find love. You don't need to go clubbing, or join interest groups, or even need a real-life setup to find women on Facebook.

And that's where you can talk to her without any unsightly interruptions.

Even if her Facebook status is "In a relationship", it could be a relationship she wants to get out.

If a woman is pretty, intelligent and ready to meet someone new, she won't log on to dating sites - she doesn't need to, because her friends can easily set her up with someone.

Many like the fact that they can meet new people - even if it's in the virtual Facebook world. Facebook prefers that you link up with people you know, so if someone you don't know becomes a nuisance report them.

Although Facebook is not really a Dating Site, the fact that it is a very popular Social Network makes it the ideal place for people to meet. Post regularly to the Facebook Dating group - and keep the discussion topical - click here 5. Don't be rude or cheeky - try to create a good impression and invite a reply. Take care if someone has no friends, or just 2 or 3.

Most people join Facebook to connect with family and friends. Never, ever agree to follow links to a website you are not sure about (if they tell you to do this) and never send money to someone you don't know. Take care with how much information you give away - no matter how nice they seem.

You know the awkward silence of not having anything to say even when both of you are vibing really well? Facebook is what we all ends our day with, distracts ourselves with, and remain connected with.Or you've just begun talking to her and some other guy interrupts? In short, because Facebook is so vital to us as a species, we come home to it everyday.


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