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With the ability to narrow your search down to more specific categories, like festivals, sports, or even conventions, you are sure to find the perfect way to spend your free time.The stress of weekend planning has just been made a lot simpler, and you’ll be enjoying the Center City every second! Now you walk to the computer, type porn, and there it is.When your man is constantly bombarded with sex on the internet, this doesn’t exactly help you keep your marriage together. Just like with cheating, your husband thinks he is just going on a porn site to take a look, or chatting with a random chick to have a little fun for a night.

The Charlotte Center City Partners’ event calendar is always filled nearly to the second with the latest community festivals and local events that the whole family will enjoy.

Use the calendar to plan your day, night, week, or weekend down to the hour.

If you found your husband talking to other women online, realize that women all over the world are discovering the same thing with their husbands.

In my opinion, online cheating is literally an epidemic.

Discovering Charlotte events to attend is never difficult in the Center City, where there’s something fun to do every night of the week.

From dancing at clubs in Uptown to enjoying live Charlotte concerts at the Time Warner Cable Arena, Charlotte has something to offer for everyone.


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