Hotline numbers for dating

A bad date, we’ve all been there and have had our share of deal breakers.At the end of our wasted time, being polite is not at the top of the list.Although this post found a few more numbers for Canada on Rejection Hotline, they must have meanwhile been removed. In case your state isn’t listed, the Rejection Hotline recommends to use an excuse like “It’s where I went to school” or “I haven’t changed my cell phone number since I moved.” That should work perfectly fine.Humor Hotlines has a few more funny prank phone numbers that you might want to consider. Here are the numbers: 267-436-5128 Philadelphia, PA, USA 267-436-5123 Philadelphia, PA, USA 401-285-0701 Rhode Island, USA 413-497-0071 Western MA, USA Are you in New York?Well, this rejection line is for the folks down under.In Australia there’s less hassle with area codes in the case of cell phone numbers.Then you may use this official New York Rejection Line.


Here are some prank phone numbers to get you out of the dilemma, without having to reject, embarrass and/or disappoint your bad date at the spot. The Rejection Hotline was created by Humor Hotlines.

The page provides a long list of prank phone numbers for over 100 cities in many different states in the US and one number for Victoria, Canada.


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    Thank you so much for providing this service to military members, I would not have found him otherwise.

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