Hot tub dating

[col_half] [/col_half] [col_half_last] [/col_half_last] Think about big jumpers to wear once out the tub and for gods sake bring a decent towel – if you’re a girl- your hair dye stained, half bleached general offering won’t do and if you are a boy, well just make sure it’s clean and washed – stains aren’t that becoming on towels and it’s a major suggestion of your general household cleanliness.

Men – when it comes to your trunks don’t think boxers will cut it – this is a public event and even if you can’t find your trunks from your last holiday or maybe think you can just use your shorts this isn’t a good sign to ladies that would be your other half. Ideally not terribly bright Timmy Mallet options or terribly tight Hoff options, also remember that the whole Borat Mankini can stay in stag do territory, it’s not an option and it’s not ironic or funny any more.

Blackmilk have some brilliant one pieces for around £50, this unicorn option is our favourite.

Just make sure whatever you wear that your boobs won’t have the possibility of falling out.


Ladies, invest in some waterproof mascara as relationships end with dripping make up not begin and avoid hair extensions and fake hair clips – no one wants the cringe of someone asking ‘what’s that’ whilst pointing to a straggly bobbing friend of yours.

Plus if blokes see that they are just going to imagine woman hair all over their flat and clogging up their plughole which is probably not the best start.


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