Home updating on a budget

Winter fixes: 6 ways to warm up your bathroom Give your bathroom cabinets a good clean out and throw away any bathroom products that have expired or you no longer use.

If your shelves are looking a bit shabby use drawer liners to give them a spruce up.

Book an end-of-lease cleaner to come and give your house a proper clean and get them to pay extra attention to the bathroom.

Make sure you clean out the bathroom first so they can steam clean in all the corners.

Houses are never as clean as when you first move in, so every year or two pay a heavy duty cleaner to give the house a good scrub.

You can renovate a bathroom reasonably cheaply if you buy everything second hand.

We’ve come up with nine ways to update your bathroom on a budget, because limited funds shouldn’t mean you have to put up with a less than pleasing bathroom.

If you’re not looking at renovating any time soon or you’ve been renting your current home for a while, it might be a good idea to invest a decent quality shower curtain.

They’re usually heavier and more durable than cheaper ones and they’re a great temporary fix for a long-term problem.

Excess moisture, steam and general humidity can mean bathrooms start to look shabby more quickly than other areas in the home.

Unfortunately bathrooms are also notoriously expensive to renovate.


You can even replace tired old door knobs and give cabinet doors a quick coat of bathroom grade paint.You can do a whole cupboard re-vamp in one weekend.



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