Hockey player suspended said dating girlfriend

Vavrinyuk said that after a Halloween party with other members of the Avalanche on Oct. 30 of that year, Varlamov sent Theofanous a text telling him Vavrinyuk was threatening him with legal action, the agent said.28, 2013, Varlamov kicked her, held her to the floor by putting his knee on her chest and dragged her by her hair at his apartment. The goalie then told him that after the party, she punched him hard in the jaw and chest, the agent said.Prosecutors declined to file the kidnapping charge and later dropped a misdemeanor assault charge against Varlamov.“He didn’t believe it was a long-term relationship,” Theofanous testified.“Having sex really doesn’t mean you know (someone),” he testified Monday during a civil trial in Denver District Court.Vavrinyuk filed the lawsuit against Varlamov in 2014, claiming he had beaten her for years before he was arrested on suspicion of felony kidnapping and assault in October 2013.Semyon Varlamov‘s agent said he warned the Avalanche goaltender that his former girlfriend seemed unstable after the agent noticed she got a tattoo swearing lifelong allegiance to the hockey player shortly after they began dating.

Colin Kingston then turned the knife on himself and committed suicide, authorities said.Read: California Exchange Student, 23, is Among Those Killed in Paris Massacre Kelsey Annese, 21, and Matthew Hutchinson, 24, were killed in her off-campus room on Sunday morning, police said.


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