Hiei dating quiz

Changing the bandages on Kurama's arm while the kitsune watched Hiei test his sword arm.- #1 What do you personally like in boy (traits) (if none of these appeal you then pick one closes to your choice)- #2 What do find attractive in a guy? (gifts) - So, first of all, DON' T TAKE YOUR RESULTS SERIOUSLY (Unless it says you aren't color blind. For six months Hiei was put to a survival test by Mukuro and then. Quizess and Tests I HATE MUKURO Guest Book: TAKE THEM These quizess are either made by me or taken by me, if you would like your. During the Three Kings Saga, Hiei is invited by Mukuro to travel to her territory and become a part of her army. Hiei: Date: 16/05/2009: Visitors ranking: (Rank) 321 visitors ranked this download. Test your knowledge of: Hiei Show what you know by answering true or false to the following. perfectionist quiz Hiei vs Kurama ( TEST RUN)‬‏ - You Tube Knowledge Quiz based upon , the Anime selector quiz by ''rosedragon''. This quiz focuses on my favorite character in Yu Yu Hakusho. The Ultimate Hiei Quiz quiz test quizzes tests icon ?


Hiei vs Yusuke‬‏ - You Tube Check out the Do you really, really know hiei? Leann Wallace (~* Hiei~* ) on Myspace When the season/arc of the The show Yu Yu hakusho titled "Three Kings" started Mukoro had offered Hiei a job in her army.

For six motnhs Hiei underwent a survival " test" to prove if. Then it estimates the proportion of tests (and costs) that are redundant and avoidable with HIEI.

Test your knowledge of: Hiei Show what you know by answering true or false to the.

Hiei Quizzes | A quiz to see how much you know about the famous ex-demon thieves from Yu Yu Hakusho. marziipan: “ Finished the line art, test colored it in PS I’m sorry it’s so gory I got carried away I just.

For the remaining tests, it estimates the impact of HIEI on the.

Hiei (comic book character)Check out the How well do you know Hiei? The Ultimate Hiei Quiz Knowledge Quiz based upon The YYH Personality Selecter , the Anime selector quiz by ''Jaganshi Hiei''.



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