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But there are organisms that multiply themselves by splitting; one species that has seven sexes (Tetrahymena)and can multiply with any; species where females or egg layers don’t need males to give birth; species like bacteria where DNA is simply sent across a tube to another identical being. In some deep-sea anglerfish species, like the needlebeard seadevil, the tiny male bites into the female, who is often 10 times his size, and soon begins to disintegrate, melting and fusing into her until he’s nothing but testes and a tail sticking out of her side—a sperm supply she’ll use to fertilize her eggs. Males release sperm and females release eggs, which are then fertilized in the water. Dragonfly sperm scrapers are a unique tool in the reproduction game, according to entomologists at the University of Arizona.Male squid use a tentacle to stick sperm packets, called spermatophores, on to the heads of females. Before mating, male dragonflies use one penis to scrape the female’s organ and remove the sperm of any prior mating before delivering their own.To decide, they spar with their penises, and the one who is stabbed receives the sperm and bears the babies.Some other animals get to be both sexes but not at the same time.They then use their other set of genitals and move sperm from the testes into the penis and then mate her.The male Adactylidium mite technically becomes a father while still inside his mother's body.There is only one purpose to all life – to reproduce itself.This cosmic order has been given to every cell in every being. In order to follow this order, the Universe has designed a variety of ways: reproduction, using a male and female sperm and egg,seems to be the norm.

An Australian marsupial, Antichenus, resembles a mouse with the bristly fur of a hedgehog.During the annual mating season, males copulate with many partners one after the other, for up to 14 hours at a stretch.Once matured, the females mate with their brother, then cut a hole in mom’s dead body and leave, while the male dies of exhaustion.Osedax worms live in the deep sea, where they feed on whale bones. They live inside the females and “ejaculate” through the top of their heads, releasing sperm right near the opening where the female's eggs come out. When it is time to reproduce, one has to be the bottom and the other the top.


The mother mite hatches up to nine eggs inside her body, and usually only one is male.

This lot lives inside the mother and eats her body.



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