Heart to heart dating

Your welcome speech was perfect and gave me the confidence to mix freely.

It is a really good idea to hold such events in a lovely setting, so thanks again.

However the evening completely dispelled any preconceptions that I had.

Hart to Heart offers you an enjoyable exclusive evening and a real opportunity to find romance.


I've noted the date of the next one." I'm delighted that both of my friends got on well with a lovely lady and a handsome chap - with contact information being exchanged.We're all glad we made the journey and would be keen to come to another such event in the future." "My guest was like a lovestruck teenager!



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    “XYZ” or “Extra Years of Zest” meets each Thursday at am in Room 224 for a morning of table games. Phyllis Barren ([email protected]) at 817/339-5082.

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