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Kim Kardashian is reportedly worried about Kanye West's behaviour.It's thought that the reality star has become so concerned about her husband's acting out that she's forcing him to seek help.Here are the twenty hottest women who are—or are at least rumored to be—the wives and girlfriends of modern-day players in the National Football League.


“He has no other choice really, because he refuses to go back to anger management and regular therapy hasn’t stopped the problem,” an insider revealed.“Kim’s watched Kanye struggle for years, not just with his rage but also with a lack of focus that’s causing major troubles at home." Read more: Kylie Jenner complains about latest rumours: 'Why is everyone saying that I'm pregnant?Police confirmed that a Molotov cocktail was thrown at the Beverly Hills store on Monday night.ABC News claimed that a suspect was taken into custody following the shocking attack.

According to Radar Online, Kanye has "refused to attend regular therapy" sessions to help solve the issue.Kim's frustration with his alleged anger problems has reportedly led to her demanding the rapper seek professional medical help.



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