Has ciara bravo dating

“It is a little like being cast to play the ugly girl,” Ciara says.

“You are like, ‘Yay, I got a part…as the ugly girl!

Ciara, 18, has been battling rumors about her own weight since she first rose to fame on the Nickelodeon series BIG TIME RUSH.

So imagine how awkward it must have been when RED BAND producers cast her as Emma Chota — a teen so thin and unhealthy she is confined to a hospital.


, which means she's got the real scoop on your fave BTR boys. Ciara Bravo: My character is very sarcastic and conniving.

Read on to find out what it's really like to play Kendall Schmidt's little sister on TV, why she keeps getting stuck in vents, and what guest star Russell Brand is really like! She is great at thinking up a plan on the spot, but she also has a sweet side to her -- she does have feelings, which can be very hard to believe sometimes, especially for her brother. I don't think I could be as conniving as Katie. Ciara: I love the pranks episode ["Big Time Pranks"] because all of the crazy stuff we had to do.

' In the "Robin and Hoodie" episode, I was dropping from vents again and from a locker.

I'm always popping out of something -- a duffle bag in one episode or from a vent or a trash can [in another]. J-14: You play Kendall's little sister on the show. He's one of those people you can just talk to forever, for hours on end.

I would describe myself, without trying to sound narcissistic, as a nice person. For example, when I had to spray the silly string, I was flopping down from a vent and just like going completely crazy with it.

I love making friends and just being completely goofy. I love because every day on set, something new happens and you're just like, ' Bever before would this ever happen!



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