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My daughter has been playing animal jam for over a year and we were happy to find a game that seemed safe and where she could indulged her fascination and love of animals.

" I didn't know what a 'cook' was when he said it in that term so I just said, "Yes, that's very nice.". I was real confused cuz I dinxtdn't know what it was I had done so wrong.


Other things they will learn are: lying, cheating, and stealing, as experienced players take advantage of new players by lopsided trades, and new players give away their passwords and thus control of their possessions to strangers. " Just trying to be friendly and fit in in the game. A couple of weeks later I was no longer a ' New Jammer' and felt kinda at home in the game.But then this tiger girl Snowflake Smartysun came and said, "Eww... " When she said that everyone started doing the ' Sick' emotion. I knew exactly where everything was and I had 56 friends. I was sitting in this little room ' The Pillow Room' which is just a quiet little room were some people, a lot of bunnies, go to be 'adopted' which is basically where you lie down and say "Please adopt me." So I was just sitting there and then I saw a nice looking person who said she 'needed a kid'.



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