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She truly is an asset to your hospital and I feel that needs to acknowledged.Thankyou I have just completed seven and half weeks of daily treatment of radiotherapy for prostate cancer at Glan Clwyd Hospital.Here are a few examples of messages we have received highlighting the good work our staff carry out.If you would like to say thank you to any staff member who has cared for you, send us an email to Concerns [email protected] or [email protected] On Wednesday 13th June I came into your A&E department with my 85 year old nan who had fallen earlier that day. In that time she saw triage, had an x-ray (which showed she had broken her arm and ring finger) she was placed in minors, then CDU, we were told because of the way she had broken it she'd need it manipulating then set in a cast.Our staff work very hard day in day out to look after the health of the North Wales population.They all go the extra mile for patients when ever possible and we really appreciate the messages of thanks and goodwill that come to us on a regular basis rgearding staff conduct.



Everyone we encountered were brilliant, especially Emily in resus as my nan took about an hour to round from the sedation Emily stayed with us and stayed extremely calm when my nan wouldn't wake up.

She ended up being about 2-3 hrs late for her break and I just wanted to let someone know how grateful we are to her and everyone else who helped us.

She was kept in overnight so my mum and I left around 19.00.

The reason I am writing this is to thank each and every member of staff who helped us, my nan has vascular dementia and needs quiet a lot of help.

To have this done she had to be sedated and the procedure would take place in resus.

After this she then had to have another xray and was taken back into CDU.


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