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One copy of the completed nomination package – including nomination form, nomination statement, letters of endorsement, and supplemental materials – must be mailed in one envelope and received no later than Friday, August 31, 2016 at p.m.

His permanent residency was revoked in 2005, three years after the last of his four minor convictions for assaults dating back to 1979 — the longest sentence being 14 days in jail.

A tribunal gave him a chance to restore his landed immigrant status if he avoided any run-ins with the law for a year.

However, Lewis failed to check in with immigration officials at the end of the year, and his attempt to reinstate his status was deemed to have been abandoned.“The tribunal told me to stay out of trouble and not to have any dealing with the law. I didn’t know more should be done to regularize my status. I didn’t do anything bad.”It was not until October 2007, when Lewis had to call police for help, that he learned immigration officials had made attempts to locate him and eventually issued a Canada-wide warrant against him.


The girl, whose real name is protected in court, is a full-status member of the band.Due to his common-law wife’s substance abuse, Lewis said, Alexandra was briefly put in the care of Children’s Aid before the couple separated and Lewis was granted the sole custody in 2011.“My daughter and I are just inseparable,” said Lewis, who has worked in trades to support his daughter. She is still struggling with her addiction problem.”Lewis’ lawyers have since asked a government tribunal to reopen his “abandoned” appeal for permanent residency and also requested Citizenship and Immigration Canada to grant him immigrant status on humanitarian and compassionate grounds. Border enforcement officials were not immediately available for comment. I am confident that his care and support will attenuate any period of adjustment she may experience after she has departed Canada.” When Alexandra first learned of her imminent departure from Canada and how difficult life can be for people in Guyana, she asked her father to “take lots of water and food to give out to the people there.”“I love my First Nations study program in school,” said Alexandra.


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