Guinness world records speed dating

Watch (and cover your ears) below: Andrea Warner, an English hotel manager, used her skills to nab the Stupidest Record for Fastest King-Sized Bed Maker, clocking in at just 74 seconds.

This included a fitted sheet, top sheet, two pillowcases, a fully buttoned duvet, and bed runner.

Gerard Jesse of the Philippines has broken a world record by breaking wind. Jesse is seen in the video below blowing out 5 candles with a series of farts, aided by a long tube and a very brave friend. The video below explains the “science” behind his cringe-inducing feat. Kirby Roy is the recipient of the most painful award on this list—hardest kick to the groin. Roy survived a 22 mph blow from American Gladiator/MMA Justice Smith, with over 1,100 lbs of force.The current record was set in 2012 by Bipin Larkin and Ashrita Furman in New York, with a total of 48. (Source 1 | Source 2) Frenchman Michel Lotito has earned his nickname of Monsieur Mangetout ("Mr. Ever since he was a teenager, he had a knack/desire for eating indigestible objects, consuming things such as bicycles, televisions, and shopping carts by having them chopped into tiny bits; he would eat a little at a time, washing the pieces down with mineral oil and water.But his dumbest achievement is consuming an entire plane, piece by piece. (Source 1 | Source 2) This stupid record really takes the (wedding) cake!


On his 11th birthday, he allowed friends and neighbors to cover his head with the slimy creatures, who stayed there for more than 10 seconds.They sent the record off to Guinness, but even they were too smart to list such a useless achievement.


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