Gridview values not updating dating a manic depressive woman

In the same way you can put any kind of Validation controls inside Edit Item Template to validate the form element while user will click Update link. When Cancel link is clicked on Grid View in edit mode, On Row Canceling Edit event will fire that will call Cancel Record method. Find Control("txt Page Desc"); Drop Down List d Active = (Drop Down List)row. For Page Name and Page Description field I want them to appear in the Text Box in edit view, so I have specified text property of Text Box as the field value in Edit Item Template and for Active field, I want it to appear as the Drop Down List so I have specified the Selected Value property as the value of the Active field. In this method, I am specifying the Edit Index property of the Grid View to -1. Find Control("drop Active"); Sql Connection conn = new Sql Connection(Configuration Manager. To String()); Sql Command d Cmd = new Sql Command(); try { conn. You may notice that the last column of the Grid View is a Delete column that let user delete the record from database, so I have placed Delete link button inside the tag and have specified on Click property as Java Script confirm return value, so that when user clicks on it he/she sees a confirmation box whether he/she really wants to delete the record. As there is no row at -1 position so Grid View will be shown in normal mode.

Place Link Button Edit in Item Template and Link Button Update and Cancel in Edit Tamplate of Gridview's column. Fire Grid View's Row Editing event for Link Button Edit. Fire Grid View's Row Updating event for Link Button Update. Fire Grid View's Row Canceling Edit event for Link Button Cancel. Set Command Name propery of Link Buttons according to their respective event. Set Grid View's Data Key Names Property to record ID (ID=Primary/Unique key of student table) 7.

In this article, I am going to explain how to manipulate data using Grid View control.

This article scope is limited to Updating and Deleting records using Grid View and I am not using any readymade Data controls for that but manually writing all event methods.

I will be using Sql objects directly into methods to keep the example simple and straight forward.

Then I have several methods attached with following events Get video of hundreds of ASP. On Row Editing - Edit Record On Row Cancel Edit - Cancel Record On Row Updating - Update Record On Row Deleting - Delete Record As I set Auto Generate Columns property to false so I am going to manually write the fields name that I need to appear in the way I want. In Bind Data() method, I am getting the data from database using Sql objects and specifying the Data Source property of the Grid View to the Pages Data table of the Data Set.

So I have to specify how I want them to appear in the normal view and edit view. When Edit link of the Grid View will be clicked then On Row Editing event will fire that will call Edit Record method.


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