Great expectations and dating service

I stopped dating this man after learning of his past, but he continued to try to contact me on Facebook.

In my case, Great Expectations failed to deliver the very service they claim to provide – a "screened" pool of members who are safe to date. CHERYL HENRY LONGWOOD Dear Cheryl: Last one in the pool is a rotten egg!

There was one man I dated for nine months who treated me like gold.

I was shocked to discover that this man who had been in my home had two restraining orders against him – one involving firearms – from two different women, both occurring before he joined Great Expectations.

"Recently it was brought to our attention that there was some background activity that we were unaware of with one of our members that does not our standards," Halpine said.



I found these records myself in a search of criminal records on the Internet after seeing a Dr.

Phil show about the need to know who you are dating – and the possibility of secret pasts.

Dear Greg: In 2009, I joined Great Expectations because I wanted to have confidence that I was dating men I could trust around my young child.

A company representative confirmed that they do background checks before allowing a prospective member to join and ensured that the membership is made up of "safe and responsible people." Satisfied by that assurance, I paid the ,795 membership fee.

More to the point, at least one in the pool is bound to be a rotten egg, considering that Great Expectations has thousands of screened members, who continued to be monitored after they join.

Jim Halpine, regional director, was alarmed by this apparent breach in their screening process.


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