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Ralph Zinobop is the inventor of the "Steel Duck." He is eager to enter the next phase of his plan: to make money off his inventions to regain his rightful place as ruler of the Planet Zinobop — a planet that he was exiled from by his paranoid father several years ago.His other hobbies include wild get-get-rich schemes and drinking copious amounts of coffee. Comics: 189Recent Appearance: The Tooth Hurts First Appearance: Meanwhile, in Space....On the heels of the recent release of the Polycom Real Presence Trio 8800 comes the first firmware upgrades.In the same fashion as previous articles on this blog covering various Lync and Skype for Business devices like the VVX desktop phones or the CX5500 Round Table camera this article outlines the various ways that the Trio 8800 can be upgraded.



I have the vaguest of ideas concerning a Melonpool story, so as soon as I scan the finished project I will post it here for all to enjoy!In the meantime, here’s my offering from last year!


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    When you've already lived a bit and gets older, you know what sort of companion competes you.

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    “Gmail isn’t syncing quickly or notifying me of new emails,” writes one Nexus 6P owner on the Nexus Help Forum.

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    Chatting can be fun and an alternate way to get connected with friends from anywhere.

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    But I am going to ask the old question.” “OK.” “What was it, about me, when I was a kid, that made you so angry? Your fuzzy old man routine is so good that I believe it even when I don’t think I am. I know that I write at least one novel and record at least two albums.

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    , 2004; Grammy, Best Male Pop Vocal Performance, "Cry Me A River," 2004; Grammy, Best Rap/Sung Collaboration, "My Love" with T.

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