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"We started re-recording the old stuff because, for most people, Arch Enemy started to exist with [2001's] Wages of Sin, because the band got big after I joined," she explained."Obviously, the band released three albums before that (1996's Black Earth, 1998's Stigmata and 1999's Burning Bridges), and we've been trying on and off to play old songs live."We had the Fuji [Pacific] crew doing this, because the boss of Fuji is a huge fan," she said, with a laugh. v=5i BAs GH0Li YI knew she was a vegetarian, but didn't know she was a vegan, glad to hear Also I know Michael Amott is vegetarian too from the band. ...Last fall, Michael Amott, guitarist for Swedish melodic death-metallers Arch Enemy, confirmed in an [article id="1570740"]interview with Metal File that Carcass[/article], the legendary British grindcore band he played in during the early '90s, would be re-forming for a spate of live gigs. The File spoke to Arch Enemy frontwoman Angela Gossow (and Ammott's fiancee) last week, just before the band played the final date on the sold-out Tyranny and Bloodshred Tour, with support acts Dark Tranquillity, [article id="1569030"]Divine Heresy[/article] and Firewind."These songs are 10 years old at this point, and it's going to sound killer," she continued. The songs will have a little bit of a twist to them; they're going to sound new, even though they're old." Arch Enemy plan to issue the re-recorded cuts in early 2009, after the release of their forthcoming live DVD, which was shot in Japan in March at a sold-out gig before an audience of 2,500.

Most of the time, we just get this stare from the crowd, and people think it's a new song or a demo.

A lot of young kids haven't heard these tracks, so we just figured we'd re-record them, give them new exposure, and it's going to give us the chance to play them live.

Arch Enemy, who continue to tour in support of last year's Rise of the Tyrant, have already started working on material for the follow-up, Gossow said.

And just six months ago, they hit the studio to re-record some of the band's earliest material.

But while the band has booked a ton of festival appearances overseas, Carcass have yet to announce a single U. Gossow told us that while nothing has been made official, "there is something in the works for the States." According to Gossow, Carcass have been approached about a possible U. headlining run, but the right offer hasn't come to the table yet.

"There's obviously huge interest in a Carcass tour," she said.



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