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Making the right sounds is important, but so is stress (word and sentence stress), intonation and fluency.For some tips on improving your speaking, including your pronunciation, you can take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page.As far as chat goes, I'm afraid that this is not something that we organise.In fact, because we have some users who may be under 18 years of age we ask users not to share personal contact details on the site (see our House Rules here). Best wishes, Peter The Learn English Team Hello manar zaatreh, To speak English fluently, most people need to work with a teacher at some point, so my first advice would be to look into the classes on offer at the British Council in Israel.While we cannot provide individual lessons or long explanations in the comments sections, we do try to answer any questions which we can - short, concrete questions, of course!Best wishes, Peter The Learn English Team Hi, Samira My advice to you if you are seeking for improving your English skills is to practice as much as you can . listen to songs and watch movies with English subtitles . You sound very motivated, and I'm sure we can help you achieve your goal.


Hellow everyone, My pronouncation is very bad how can I improve it thanks and also need a person who want to also improve his English to chat with and correct each other so I won't be shy since we will be on a same level Hello ngcobo, Welcome to Learn English!

Having good pronunciation is very important and I would say that the most important thing is to have good models to listen to and copy.

Please also visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, which has advice on improving particular aspects of English.

The Learn English Team tries to help our users as best as we can.

Our Listen and Watch section can help here - and remember that you can use the transcript which is provided for most of the recordings to read while you listen, so you can see the spelling as well as hear the pronunciation.

Remember that there are many aspects to pronunciation.


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