Glastonbury festival dating

He can only do that if he has enough downtime from his schedule.“Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk still looked to be in the first flushes of love as they walked hand-in-hand after a workout session in Paris,” reports Despite the fact that she could not enjoy Glastonbury Festival with her beau, it seems that she was comfortable with the idea that his ex-girlfriend Suki Waterhouse was also at the festival, increasing the possibility of a chance encounter.


He does love a good concert and it looks like he left Irina for the weekend to rock out at Glastonbury Festival this year.But so far, no images of them together emerged from the weekend, which means that this time, it was not in their fate to reunite.Anyway, the 41-year-old actor and 30-year-old model are way too much in love to have wandering eyes.“But on Sunday it looked as if things were still going strong for Bradley Cooper, 41, and Irina Shayk, 30, as they took a romantic stroll through New York City.

“Bradley seemed to be flying solo, taking a leave of absence from model girlfriend Irina Shayk, while he fist-pumped at the front of the crowd,” the article added.While her boyfriend was losing himself in the music of Glastonbury Festival, Irina Shayk was working hard on yet another fashion campaign. In fact, the past few weeks, Irina has been far busier than her American boyfriend, who followed her to Paris to hang out with her.


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