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Instead, Alyssa describes going home to Google Jon and uncovers just how renowned he is for his Magic world title.

The intent of the essay, as an italicized intro from, I assume, the editor, states, is to show that “judging people on shallow stuff is human nature, and the magic and absurdity of online dating is how immediately and directly it throws that into relief.” That “one person’s Magic is another person’s fingernail biting.” This notation — and I generally think that stories which apologize for their tone (in this case “mean”) in advance, need to be reedited — seeks to justify what is a rather cruel conclusion to Alyssa’s version of her and Jon’s brief love story; Alyssa judges the hell out of Jon for his hobby and critiques online dating in general because “no profile in the world is comprehensive enough to highlight every person’s peccadillo, or anticipate the inane biases that each of us lugs around.” I don’t actually disagree with the latter.

In the story, Bereznak also reveals his full name, generally a big time no-no when it comes to writing about personal experiences on the internet.

(Although it becomes clear that she almost doesn’t have to give his name, as Jon Finkel — that’s his name — is a legend among the Magic community because of his “world champion” status.) I don’t care what the hell your hobby is in life — sports, knitting, marathon running, competitive eating, playing the ukulele, whatever — being so good at something you do for fun and not letting it effect the work you do out of necessity or your personal life and relationships, is one of the more attractive qualities I could possibly imagine in another person.

In that case, in all likelihood, they probably wouldn’t have seen each other again and the tale wouldn’t have been fodder for a blog post on a geek site because that particular peccadillo wasn’t an expertise at a nerdy card game. I’ve gone out on so many damn first dates, some of which have been fodder for blog posts — but always completely anonymously — and many of which have not because that’s an expected part of online dating and dating in general.

You meet a lot of people, many of whom you don’t click with, but each one gets you closer to the person who you do click with so well that their little peccadilloes — and your dream man has them, Alyssa! So my problem isn’t that Alyssa attempts to point out a gaping flaw in online dating.

ven if you’re not a tech geek or a self-identified nerd, it’s highly possible that you’ve heard about an essay that ran on the blog Gizmodo on Monday (it’s received almost 800K hits as of this writing).

In the piece, writer Alyssa Bereznak described how her first attempt at online dating resulted in her going out with a guy who, at first, seemed “normal,” until he revealed that he not only played that admittedly geeky card game Magic the Gathering, but was, in fact, the world champion.

She deems their time “unromantic” and you would think that would be the end of it; that Alyssa and Jon would go their separate ways in life.To Alyssa’s point, Jon could have revealed in his online dating profile that his particular peccadillo is that he’s a f**king master Magic the Gathering player.But maybe he didn’t because he knew it might turn off women like Alyssa who would maybe otherwise actually end up finding his hobby endearing once they got to know more about him.There are likely things he did include in his profile that didn’t occur to him might be a turnoff to potential admirers — a fondness for a certain band or a fear of heights — who thus never got in touch or returned his messages.

If it wasn’t Magic, there could have been something else about Jon that turned Alyssa off on their first date.My problem isn’t even that she does a weak job making her point.


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