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A coming of age story that follows 12 year old Andy Nichol (Chase Ellison), a bright student who, like most kids his age, will do anything to avoid conflict for fear of suffering overwhelming ridicule and punishment from his junior high boys whose undefeated basketball season and friendship are threatened after a drive-by shooting leaves one of them in a coma and one of them with a secret. They are unbeaten on the court and inseparable off it - until Brent gets caught up in his older brother s mixed up life. After graduation, both of them joined the police force and ended up as partners riding bicycles in the city park.

Lewis are star players on the Charlevoix High Basketball team; Jackson Carlson is their most obnoxious fan. in the hospital, and Brent s soul in turmoil., Schmidt ( Jonah Hill ) was a dork and Jenko ( Channing Tatum ) was the popular jock.


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