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If you’re itching to pick up a copy, here are some convenient links: Direct from the Author (via Gumroad) Amazon * Barnes & Noble * Kobo * i Tunes And now, some reflection, in the form of the acknowledgments for… I’m very excited to be a Featured Guest at Nerd Con: Stories in Minneapolis, MN this October 14-15th.

Nerd Con: Stories is a new convention (in its 2nd year) celebrating stories and the power of storytelling.

I’m very excited (like hovering over my chair excited) because today is a big landmark in my writing career.


That one character (Benedict Wong as Wong) was awesome, and I…I couldn’t imagine a convention more up my alley if I started it myself. I have for you today the fabulousness that is the Genrenauts Season One omnibus cover, created by Thomas Walker.


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