Gay vs straight dating

Of the differences identified to date, some suggest that gay and lesbian partners are slightly better off than their heterosexual counterparts, while others imply that they are slightly worse off.One noted advantage of same-sex couples is that they are nicer and use more humor during arguments compared to heterosexual couples.Barriers refer to the potential losses you might suffer emotionally or financially if you were to end a romance.For example, if you and your partner had been introduced to each other’s families, had a shared mortgage and bank account, and had a child together, you would probably be more inclined to try and save that relationship when it hits a rough patch because the meaning and value of these things would change if you were to break up. One reason is because most same-sex partners do not have the legal option of getting married.



Contrary to popular belief, relationship health and quality is quite similar across gay, lesbian, and heterosexual partnerships.

Relatively few differences have been discovered, and most are rather small.


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