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So it was quite hard to choose one of, at the end of the day, three excellent institutions.York seemed to have the best course of the three, but I wasn’t sure about either its extra curricular activities or the somewhat quirky campus.I experienced a wide range of emotions and enjoyed – or endured – many different experiences, whether that was delight at the friendliness of the reception at Southampton, incredible weather at Exeter (which definitely sold it!), to nervousness and awkwardness at being surrounded by, what felt like, intimidating geniuses in my college’s coach trips to Oxford and Cambridge.Nottingham, conversely, was beautiful, lively and similarly fantastic for job prospects but I was uncertain about whether I’d enjoy studying their particular course. Strangely enough, I was never that excited about coming here and, again, that’s not meant to disrespect the University at all.


Add to this the fact that it was a really nice place and it seemed to have a lot going for it. I was also quite keen on York, and Nottingham had always attracted me, not least because of its beautiful campus.Eventually, I decided not to, but coming to Exeter was an uncertain decision.


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