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As we are waved through by a guard, Paul thoughtfully points out the other houses of note in this wonderland of privacy: There’s Cameron Diaz’s pile, and just over there, Ashton and Mila’s new place.Lawrence’s assistant, Talley, meets me at the front gate and ushers me through the house to the kitchen, where moments later Lawrence appears in a white crop top and faded boyfriend jeans rolled at the ankle.“I was outside crying, and Pippi jumped up on my lap and started licking up all my tears, and I couldn’t put her down for hours.She just turned 25 a few weeks ago, with a party here; her friends persuaded Kris Jenner to come and present Jen with a cake in the shape of a pile of poop that read, “My knees buckled,” says Lawrence.“And then I got hammered and talked to her like I think I’m part of the family.” The house had been renovated just before she bought it, so all Lawrence had to do was fill it with furniture.“I hired these decorators from Louisville, where I grew up,” she says. .” The result is a kind of luxe-comfy-chic, with some rustic flourishes, like tables made out of old Kentucky-bourbon barrels.“There’s this place, Bittners, I would walk by when I was a little girl and go, ‘Ooooooh, one day,’ because it was so . “I can’t believe what a difference furniture has made in my overall emotional well-being,” she says.Here I stumble into a subject that I wouldn’t have dreamed of bringing up so soon: the nude-photo leak.



It’s sweltering in Los Angeles, the kind of heat that melts the ice cubes in your caramel macchiato faster than you can say Kardashian. Forget meeting at the Italian restaurant on Laurel Canyon; just come to my house now.I am holed up in my hotel room on Sunset Boulevard watching tennis, drapes drawn against the remorseless sun, when suddenly: Ding! She sends her driver, Paul, a South African with a mellifluous voice, to pick me up, and before long, we are winding our way up, up into the Hills of Beverly, to the gated community where Lawrence lives in a house she bought last year for about million.


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    If you know from the get go what format your data should be in, it’s fairly simple to choose a number format for the entire column before entering your data.

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    I am a bit of a workaholic I suppose but I thoroughly enjoy what I do! I love music and i love to cook i have my struggles and i am not the prettiest or thinnest person in the world but i am loyal and care about so much about the people i love and i just want to find someone who can love me and who i can love in return someone to spend the rest of my life with my name is lauren, im 18 i live in manchester with my mum and dad at the moment i have 3 sisters and 1 brother they have all moved out. my favourite colour is red, i love cats, favourite food is pizza. I enjoy wine, books, lots of TV and hanging out with friends. Other interests include listening to music (I like pretty much everything, but mostly listen to pop and pop punk). Recently just moved back to the UK by myself, I'm almost 20. I also like anime and indie movies :3 I'm Ash, I'm 18 and I'm a student in college/sixth form in Bristol. I also play the bass guitar in a small band and I like heavy metal mostly but I'm open to lots of music genres:) I'm a massive anime fan and I also love playing video games (PC gaming ftw) Im personally an open woman.

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    Despite its vibrant sight-seeing resources, travelers usually come to Guangzhou to shop and eat.

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