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The only thing a Minecraft update should never do is wipe your save!!!!!!!!Like the others in this thread you can see the thumbnail on the save but you are spawned underwater with nothing in your world after loading. I did go to storage and delete install (minecraft title update) and it did not revert back to where it was before so I If this keeps on happening, I think you should contact 4J studios (makers of Minecraft Xbox Edition) and tell them.Last night my son accepted a Minecraft Xbox 360 Update and since then we've noticed that none of our saved games will load and a lot of blocks that were previously available in creative mode are no longer options. -Surge_of_Power As far as I know, no successive updates remove blocks from the game that are available in the creative menu, so I'm wondering if something glitched and your Minecraft version has reset to the original patch when it was first released. it starts him out underwater and everything is GONE.. My son accepted an update on the xbox 360 edition of minecraft the other day..The saved games still show up when we look to start a game, but when we select a specific saved game what happens is that when it loads we find ourselves underwater on a new map with nothing. This can sometimes happen where the patch doesn't download properly, and the game continues from the very first patch. I deleted the patch and then reinstalled it the next time we turned it on and everything went back to normal. and when u see an UPDATE u think its gonna give u more new options and stuff.. But when u go to load the world up , it shows the name and his last save but when he loads it..


I the HDD is removed and returned frequently, and the files contained on the HDD edited in any way, this can also lead to corruption of title update files, as well as potentially corrupting and lose world files.

To prevent this, always keep a backup of your favourite worlds on the synced cloud storage, and don't mess around with the HDD.



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