Furry fandom dating

(comic - more...) Anthronauts is a sci-fi/action-adventure/comedy webcomic that was created, written and drawn by Nixie. Originally created as part of an April Fools Day prank in 2010, Anthronauts was launched as a regular comic later that summer.

The storyline follows the crew and passengers of the S. Bubbles, a charter spaceship that appears in the comic's logo.

This page is a complete listing of all Comic of the Week front-page entries at Wiki Fur, in reverse chronological order. Note that these are not the complete articles, and have not been updated over time - if a comic picks your fancy, click the title for more information.

Funny Farm is a daily webcomic authored by Ryan Smith (R. The comic details the lives of a group of anthropomorphic animals, who live in a boarding house owned by Ront and Mewn.

The Suburban Jungle was first published online 1 February 1999, and ended its run on November 6, 2009. Four books have been published by Plan Nine Publishing.



It is merely in the mind of the reader that they appear as animals because this to some extent reflects their personal characteristics.(comic - more...) Fur-Piled is a gay-themed slice-of-life web comic by Leo Magna, available in nine languages (English, French, Italian, Russian, Polish, German, Portuguese and both Castilian and Latin-American dialects of Spanish).The world of The Suburban Jungle is like our own, but solely populated by anthropomorphic animals.Predation (in the style of Kevin and Kell) exists, but with many laws, written and moral, concerning where and when a kill may be made.

The author has explained the apparent peculiarity of having humans and anthropomorphic animals coexisting.The main characters are in fact humans just like everyone else.



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