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Free access to my FOCUS Coaching for an entire year!If you didn’t already know, FOCUS Coaching is my comprehensive, interactive, affordable coaching program where I choose a new dating topic every month.

It can be a video, in an email, or in an audio – whatever is best suited to telling your story. After all of the bad date entries come in, I will choose my top 7 and post them for you on my blog.

I just want you to be able to share your pain with other women – so we can all get a mutually cathartic laugh out of it. I will then ask you to vote for your favorite, starting on Monday, May 8.

When voting closes, the top 3 vote-getters will get…

Thanks for the hundreds of responses I received, I’ll be announcing the Top 7 Worst Date Stories Tuesday, May 8th.

At the end of the month, I send you a CD/newsletter recap in the mail. That’s 4 in retail value – or about 00 in coaching value – absolutely FREE. We pull up to this apartment, can’t get in the front gate so we walk thru shrubs, in the dark, upstairs to their apt. Rolling up to his place he says Hold my hand, havn’t had time to clean up the dogs mess! , We enter thru the kitchen…omg…Now get this, he is a fireman and has 4 days on, 4 days off. He’s a fireman and I thought he was going to torch his whole “f”ing neighborhood. Again picked me up, kissed me on the cheek and off I went. I always text after I get home to thank them for meeting me, etc.

In between, you get access to my exclusive member forum, where you can ask me dating questions and receive support from hundreds of other women around the world. Just share your dating story by Sunday, May 6 and may the worst date win! I am introduced to a wife who is texting and won’t look up, in the chair at the table is a guy who is beyond wasted and then the husband. Plenty of time to clean, mow the lawn, etc…The house is filthy, we work our way to the back yard… ”, I say sure, as I keep moving my chair back because the fire is soooo hot and dogs are licking and wanting to be lap dogs, hoping I don’t by accident put my foot in doggie doodoo, or get knocked over by dogs. Dried Christmas tree with a 12′ oak pallet thrown on top…kinda not even in the firepit…lol. I drove home, knowing this is a story for the telling!


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