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” Best Friend: “Last night, [Friend #1] bet that you and [Ex] would get back together, while [Friend #2] said you wouldn’t.

Me: “Well, then I guess [Friend #2] won.” Best Friend: “Nope, because I bet that [Ex] would want to get back together, but you wouldn’t, and he would know that and not bring it up because he still wanted to be friends and wouldn’t want to make things awkward, and you’d be oblivious to the fact the whole night.” Me: “That is way too accurate.

(We’ve been having trouble controlling our laundry lately, and today is my first day off where I am really able to tackle it.

My boyfriend is taking off his clothes to get ready for bed. ” Me: “More than you love me.” Girlfriend: “No, I love you more.” Me: “No, I love you more.” Girlfriend: “I love you the most. Your love is like Lake Michigan.” Me: “Outer space?

” (My husband and I are six years apart, which is a small age difference in the grand scheme of things, but sometimes I like to poke fun at him for being an old man.” Husband: “Don’t.” Me: “I was in the SECOND GRADE in 1997! She sets up a account with my picture and sets me up on some blind dates.Her taste in men has always been pretty terrible, and I consider this moment the definitive proof of her bad taste.)(Needless to say, he didn’t get a second date, although he kept calling me and sending me XXX explicit text messages afterwards.Practice and uncover these kinds of first factors and you will definitely contain all the ladies you may take care of! No longer let yourself seem available all the time.

I had to have one of my guy friends answer the phone and tell him he had a wrong number to get him to leave me alone.)(At Junior Prom my ex-boyfriend and I finally manage to get over the awkwardness of our breakup and spend the whole time hanging out and dancing together, returning to our original friendship.The next day, my best friend comes up to me.) Best Friend: “Just wanted to let you know, I won the bet.” Me: “What bet?


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