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With that in mind, here’s everything to know about their steamy night out and the possibility that a relationship is on the horizon.According to , an eyewitness spotted Handler and Flay eating dinner at Blue Plate Oysterette, located in Santa Monica, California.

The two stars were recently spotted enjoying what looked like a dinner date together.But if they do continue to see each other, then it probably won’t be long before more information is released.While the outing might have just been a casual get together between two friends, the witness reported that things got a little personal between the two.“It looked like a date,” the source told the outlet.

For starters, Handler stated that the person was “an extension of this business,” by which she meant the show business. Even still, few would have guessed she was referring to Flay.Based on the eyewitness claims, it would appear that Flay was the man Handler referred to during her interview with De Generes.


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