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Dues can be reported as a professional expense on tax forms. Local EGEA Dues are per month for a total of 0 per year (for full time employees).

These dues are used to maintain our association office and services to our members.

Revitalizing Real Estate is a family owned business providing updated housing for family's in Kansas City since 2003.

Most of our property is located north of the river in Kansas City Missouri.

Those who wish to opt out of the PAC can contact the EGEA office for more information.

We are sorry, but we are unable to process your request because Java Script have been disabled!


These dues will total for the year (.00 per month September-June).

If you are looking to rent or buy we may have what you are looking for.

Please browse our site to see our current inventory.

Dues are automatically deducted from paychecks from September to June.

These dues are for membership to The National Education Association (NEA), The California Teachers Association (CTA) and the local association, EGEA.

We specialize in renovating homes for renters and buyers. Please fill out our information form under the We Buy Homes tab or give us a call. Take a look at some of the homes we have for rent and for sale.



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