Freshman dating senior girl

However, it is crucial not to immerse yourself in your life back home to the point where it begins to hinder your school work and your ability to make new friends.


Of course, if you find yourself constantly struggling, seek help from your professor or teaching assistant.3. While it's important to keep in contact with your family and friends back home, it is also completely natural (and expected) that you'll be homesick.When I woke up the very first morning of my freshman year, the first thing I did was call home because I already missed my family.Get involved with clubs or student government and go to events at your school to make new friends and get comfortable with the new environment you're in.Look at the change in difficulty of the coursework as challenging rather than impossible, and think of it as an opportunity to use your academic skills to their fullest potential.

The best advice usually comes from someone who's been there, done that.

So for guidance on how to make the most of your first year at college, who better to ask than a graduating senior?


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