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DA4B3VZA2MIf you are streaming or downloading videos in Japan from abroad you are at risk of mandatory prison time and over ,000 in penalties as of November 2012.

Though we don't condone ANY illegal downloading of copyrighted material, there is a very fine line between fair-use and criminal now - the Witch-hunt is ON in Japan!

Did you know your credit card info can be swiped right out of the air these days? You can even purchase new video games that are not yet on sale in the area you are traveling to.

We are now offering a special .00 discount on our yearly VPN subscriptions. Yes you can find SLOW proxies but they are not really secure, and you can get paid or free VPN services like Hotspotshield, but you pay for it in the BUTT with ANNOYING ads and a piece of software filled with Malware that you can't delete from your computer!That means you can get FULL year of Privacy, Security and Freedom on the Internet for only .00!! Go to: and input this Discount Code for .00 off at checkout.


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