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AND…not only what the medical bills would be, but how just how high the cost of raising a specials needs kiddo would be.From special adaptations needed around the house, special vehicles, special clothes, special EVERYTHING for our special little guy.I decided to write this post for a couple of reasons.One…because I want to be truthful about what an amazing little guy we have…but, also…how this amazing little guys’ needs impact our family.Going through my pictures and looking at all the ones that were taken of Isaac while he was in the hospital just break my heart.We spent almost his entire first year at Stanford…which is a great hospital…just not where you want to live. that’s a tough one for many families of special needs kids.

We knew we had a good income, savings, and a 6 figure retirement to break into if we needed.

If there’s a family out there that knows they’re expecting a little miracle…it’s best to come to the table knowing as much as you can to fully prepare.


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